Hodowla psów rasy Samoyed oraz Szpic wilczy


New Litter in July 2024!

We are thrilled to announce that a new litter of samoyeds planned in our kennel.

In our breeding, our top priority is raising puppies in a homey, family environment. Each of our little ones spends their first weeks of life in close contact with us, our household members, and other animals. This helps them form strong bonds and gain confidence from the earliest days.


We firmly believe that proper socialization is key to the development of healthy and well-balanced dogs. Our puppies have the opportunity to interact with various people and situations. Visits from friends and family are joyful events for them, and frequent playtime with us teaches them how to be great companions.


From the very beginning, we familiarize our puppies with daily grooming routines such as brushing, baths, and nail care. This makes them more comfortable with these activities, greatly easing the lives of their new owners.

What you’ll receive on the day of puppy pickup:

On the day of pickup, each new owner will receive a complete set of documents and accessories. Here’s what’s included:

  1. Pedigree: A document confirming the puppy’s lineage and breed.
  2. Contract
  3. Health Booklet: Contains the vaccination history and other health procedures.
  4. Puppy Care Instructions: Practical tips and advice on caring for your new family member.
  5. Starter Kit: Basic accessories to help you get started with your new furry friend.

Our puppies leave our breeding facility after receiving essential vaccinations and deworming, ready for a new adventure in their new homes.


For those interested, we encourage you to make reservations in advance.

You can contact us at the following email address: patryk.sobczak@gmail.com, by phone at: +48 504 609 569, or through our social media channels.